Introduction new window for the transmission of korea's cultureal heritage a new window for the transmission of korea's cultureal heritage

Korea's historic cultural heritage lives and breathes in front of us. is the representative cultural heritage channel of the Republic of Korea. is run by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation to provide high-quality contents through various media platforms, with the aim of cultivating the public's appreciation of our cultural heritage and strengthening Korea's global position as a country with an outstanding cultural heritage.

Production of high-quality video contents utilizes high-definition videos to present our beautiful cultural heritage, as well as storytelling contents that combine all the interest and excitement of history, in order to play the role of a national communication window of our cultural heritage.
1.Vast corpus of cultural heritage 2.Thorough academic historical research 3.Thorough academic historical research 4.Beautiful and refined high-quality videos

Broadcasting production & scheduling support

We provide support for the production and organization of diverse cultural heritage contents through affiliation with diverse channels (online, terrestrial, cable, overseas broadcasting, etc.) to allow the public to encounter cultural heritages in an easy and entertaining way.
1.Active symbiotic relationship with terrestrial broadcasters that provide public services 2.Strengthening the competitiveness of the cultural heritage content field 3.Wide-ranging communication and sharing of the value of South Korea’s cultural heritage

Expansion of channel through the smart service is leading the effort to realize the ‘digital cultural heritage’ for the value creation of new-conceptual cultural heritage’s practical use by the present generation.
1.Provision of the service in various forms such as fixed, movable, storage type platforms, etc 2.Vitalization of the distribution of video contents 3.Hub station of South Korea’s cultural heritage