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Gameunsa for defending the country and the birth of Three-Storied Stone Pagoda source copy vod download

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(대본수정) Gameunsa for defending the country and the birth of Three-Storied Stone Pagoda. When I die, I wish to be cremated and the ashes, scattered over the East Sea and I will be the guardian dragon of the east sea to protect Silla. Daewangam (Great King’s Rock) Historical Site No. 158 Estimated as the underwater tomb of King Munmu, the 30th king of the Silla Dynasty. There is a temple site with 2 pagodas near the Daewangam. Gameunsa site Historical Site No. 31 / Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeiongsangbuk-do However, King Munmu died before the completion of the temple and his son, King Sinmun carried on his fater’s cherished plan and completed the temple. He also named the temple, ‘Gameunsa’, meaning that he is thankful to his father who worried about the kingdom even after death, and made a waterway under the main building of the temple for his father who became the guardian dragon to rest. Three-Storied Stone Pagoda in Gameunsa / National Treasure No. 112 It is a 13m tall huge pagoda and was built before other three-storied stone pagodas. It is considered as the model for three-story stone pagodas for it is stable and gives the outstanding sense of rising. Feel the patriotic spirits and the spirit of filial piety of Silla people in front of the pagoda of Gameunsa in the moonlit night of the winter.
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