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The dance to pray for peace, Taepyeongmu source copy vod download

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Taepyeongmu is a dance performed to pray for peace and prosperity of the country. It is said that Han Seong-jun, a famed dancer and drummer of the 1900s, created this dance by reconfiguring a shamanistic dance of Gyeonggi-do. A male and a female dancer disguised as the king and the queen display grand and gorgeous movements. Rhythms of the dance are more complicated and individual than those of other dances. This dance features delicate and graceful movements. The version performed by Yi Dong-an displays harmony between joyousness, chic and grandeur as well as a mixture of folksy plainness and aristocratic quality. The version performed by Gang Seon-yeong is redolent of solemnity and grandeur, displaying expansive steps together with gracious and gorgeous arm movements. Taepyeongmu is said to be the dance with the most gracious footwork among Korean traditional dances. It also features high artistic quality.
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