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The royal dance of crane and lotus, Hakyeonhwadaehapseolmu source copy vod download

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These dances were performed following the rite of driving away evil spirits from the Royal Court during the early Joseon Period. The Crane Dance was performed to bless and praise the King in a rite held at the Royal Court from the Goryeo Period. It is the only dance in the country in which the performer is disguised as a bird. The Lotus Flower Dance is based on a story about two girls born as pistils of a lotus flower repaying the King’s virtuosity with a dance and asong. Two performers disguised as cranes start the performance with a dance. A little later, they peck the two lotus flower buds. Two girls appear from the lotus flowers and the cranes run away, frightened. The Crane Dance is accompanied by music like seryeongsan, samhyeon dodeuri, and taryeong, and the Lotus Flower Dance by a piece of Royal Court music. These dances portray communication between animals and humans. They display high artistic quality and traditional values both in content and style.
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