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The name Biseondae literally means ‘rock of a flying immortal’ and originates from a local legend about an immortal named Magoseon who ascended to heaven from this rock. For many centuries the area around this rock was popular among numerous poets, writers and painters, many of whom carved inscriptions on nearby rocks, including the most famous one, written in Chinese characters meaning ‘Biseondae’, which is said to have been written by Yun Sun, a civil official and painter of the late Joseon Period. On the hillside of Mireukbong Peak, which looms behind Biseondae Rock, there is a naturally formed stone cave called Geumganggul which measures 18m in length. It is said that the great Buddhist monk Wonhyo once lived in this cave. Cheonbuldonggyegok Valley is one of the three greatest valleys in Korea, along with Chilseongyegok Valley in Jirisan Mountain and Tamnagyegok Valley in Hallasan Mountain. The valley is dotted with countless rocks and rocky peaks, as well as a series of small waterfalls formed by the stream flowing through it, making it one of the most scenic sites at Seoraksan Mountain.
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