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The Place of Fresh Green Scent Cheongso Station, Boryeong source copy vod download

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Cheongso Station is 1 unit, 1 story facility that is 79.95㎡ wide. The railroad is 150m long each on the left and right. Cheongso Station is a railroad station for Janghang Line. Janghang Line was originally constructed as Chungnam Line by a private company called Joseon Gyeongnam Railroad Company. Railroad connecting Cheonan-Onyang was opened on June 1, 1922, and the entire line was opened on August 1, 1931. Then under the nationalization policy, the private railroad was nationalized in May 1946, and the railroad name was changed to Janghang Line in June, 1955. Cheongso Station began operation as a way station for staffs in 1929 and was subsequently promoted to an ordinary station in September 1958. The current brick station was constructed in 1961. The station’s original name was ‘Jinjuk Station’ after the name of nearby village, but was renamed as ‘Cheongso Station.’ It is the oldest remaining station on Janghang Line, and still is used as a way station today.
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