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The Picturesque Whistle Station: Simcheon Station, Yeongdong source copy vod download

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Simcheon Station is 1 unit, 1 story facility that is 156㎡ wide. The railroad is 150m long each on the left and right. Simcheon Station began operation on January 1, 1905 as a station for Gyeongbu Line, and the current station was relocated and newly constructed on September 31, 1934. The structure is wooden with gambrel roof, and gables were installed on 3 sites. The roof is straight and high at the front facing the square and at the back facing the railroad. Gable was installed perpendicularly on a lower site than roof ridge towards the railroad. The walls were finished with cement, and window and door frames were replaced with aluminum. The station is currently being used as a way station by Korean railroad Corporation.
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