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A giant crater formed in the flatland, Sangumburi Crater, Jeju source copy vod download

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A giant crater formed in the flatland Sangumburi Crater, Jeju Located at Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju City "Gumburi" means a crater of the oreum in Jeju dialect. San refers to a mountain and oreum roughly translates to climbing in Korean. The Sangumburi Crater has an unusual structure which is rarely seen in the world. Sangumburi Crater, Jeju, Natural Monument No. 263 Sangumburi Crater is a marr-typed crater which is formed by gas explosion without eruption of lava or volcanic ashes. The circumference of Sangumburi Crater is larger than that of Baekrokdam Lake on Mt. Halla and its inside is more deeply dug than its surrounding flatland, featuring an unusual form. By the nature of topography, the crater is isolated from its neighbors and that is why the original vegetation is well preserved. Approximately 400 rare plants grow in the inside of the crater.
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