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The glistening white field of jewels, Hongjodangoe-haebin of udo, jeju source copy vod download

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The glistening white field of jewels in Udo Island Red Algae Nodule Beach of Udo, Jeju Udo-myeon, Jejus-si, Jeju Province Sedimentation areas where sand and gravels are piled and made by waves along the coastline are called beaches. Red Algae Nodule Beach of Udo, Jeju Natural Monument No. 438 The 300-meter-long beach is made by the red algae nodules washed over and deposited from the sea. Hongjodangoe was mistakenly known to be a beach made by dead corals but has been found to a beach whose constituents are red algae nodules. Hongjodangoe is a hard stone mass, which is made in the process of red algae being rolling and overturned over and over by the waves while growing around their nucleus. Hongjodangoe is mainly observed around a rock. However, the whole beaches which are only constructed of hongjodangoe are hardly seen worldwide. Going to the Hongjodangoe-haebin of Udo, Jeju whose white beach is fantastic
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