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Hadong Pine Forest, a grove of pine trees on the sand hill source copy vod download

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Hadong Pine Forest, a grove of pine trees on the sand hill Located at Hadong-eup, Hadong-gun, South Gyeongsang Province Hadong Pine Forest Natural Monument No. 445 Hadong Pine Forest is a forest of the village which was artificially formed to protect the damage of the flooding river and sandstrom in the Joseon Dynasty period. Hadong Pine Forest is covered with over 600 old pine tress planted at that time and the pines further planted thereafter, forming a dense grove. The place, if the sea was at high tide, would be severely damaged by the flood caused by the back flowing of the seawater. In addition, the sands in the riverside impacted the neighboring farmlands a lot. For those reasons, the villagers planted the pine trees which would stand up to sand with the purpose of the trees being able to play a role as an embankment as well as to reduce the damage of the sandstorms. Now, as there is another embankment, the place is not what it used to be. However, we can get a sense of our forefathers' wisdom in the still commanding pines.
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