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Hong-do, a red island in the West Sea source copy vod download

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red island in the West Sea Hong-do Hong-do Natural Reserve Natural Monument No. 170 Hongdo-ri, Heuksan-myeon, Shinan-gun, South Jeolla Province The rocks and stones of Hongdo along the coastline is regarded as the No. 1 topography of marine erosion in Korea. Lined up the island with the oddly-shaped rocks, Hongdo reminds one of an exhibition center of stone sculptures. The island is called Hongdo as the majority of the island is constructed of the reddish-brown quartzitic rocks and it seems red. Here, "Hong" refers to red and "do" means island in Korean. Looking over the island on a boat in the sea is the most recommended method how you are able to appreciate the magnificent scenery of the unique Hongdo. Here in Hongdo, even the rough waves which are ceaselessly rushing over seem to be beautiful. In the faraway west beyond the sea you are able to meet the beautiful island tinged with red.
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