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The landscape of Jeju Island from which you are able to sees Mt. Sanbang source copy vod download

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The landscape of Jeju Island from which you are able to sees Mt. Sanbang Mt. Sanbang, Seoguipo, Jeju Island Mt. Sanbang, Seoguipo, Jeju Island Scenic Site No. 77 Sagye-ri, Seoguipo city, Jeju Special Self-governing Province A dome-shaped towering volcanic mountain, Mt. Sanbang is located in the southwestern region of Jeju Island and is one of the top 3 mountains in Jeju Province. The remaining 2 are Mt. Halla and the Ilchulbong. The magma whose viscosity was strong erupted from the mountain 700 thousand to 1.2 million years ago and Mt. Sanbang is the volcanic edifice formulated by that magma around the crater. In the southern cliff of Mt. Sanbang, there are vertical columnar joints created in the cooling- down course of the magma erupted at that time, showing their well-developed appearance. The 395-meter-tall Mt. Sanbang towers over the Sagyeri, Seoguipo city which is the flattest in Jeju Province and stands out conspicuously in the remote distance. Mt.Sanbang is considered the landscape which represents Jeju in four seasons because the mountain is in harmony with the widely open scenery stretching over its surroundings. In the wide plain of down Mt. Halla in Jeju, you will be charmed by the landscape whose hero is Mt. Sanbang.
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