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Mungyeong Saejae, the old uphill path of history and culture source copy vod download

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The old uphill path of history and culture Mungyeong Saejae Saejae-ro Mungyeong-eup, Mungyeong City, North Gyeongsang Province Mungyeong Saejae Scenic Site No.32 Mungyeong Saejae is the main gogae-gil, or uphill path on the Yeongnam-daero(,or main street) which connects Yongnam(South and North Gyeongsang Province) with Hanyang(now Seoul) and is designated as a Scenic Site for its natural beauty and the historic and folkore values spread along the old road. Along the road, the defense facilities including 3 gateways and the old governmental dffice sites, pavilions and tavern sites are kept well. Mungyeong Saejae is also famous for the Gwageo-gil, or the highest state examinstion's road as Seonbi, or classic scholars who would have gone up to Hanyang to take the Gwageo preferred to cross over this uphill. Gateways (Juholgwan, Jogokgwan and Joryeonggwan) After the Imjin War, or Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, realizing the militarily strategic value of Joryeong, the Joseon Dyansty built 3 gateways as strategically significant place for national defence from King Seonjo until King Sukjong Jogokgwan, Youngnam's No. 1 Gateway Juholgwan Youngnam's No. 2 Gateway Joryeonggwan Youngnam's No. 1 Gateway Climbing up the old path of Mungeyong Saejae, the restored tavern is connected with ancient lodges and diverse remains one after another site for Joryeongwon Joryeongwon is the facility which provided room and board to government officials who would come and go from Hanyang to Youngnam on official duty in the Joseon Dynasty. Now, only its site is left Sanbuldyoshimbi This tombstone marked with "Dyoshim," an archaic word of "Joshim," or caution is a stone monument written with pure Hangeul, or Korean langusge. It is known as the Joseon Dynasty's only Hangeul headstone without Chinese characters Chaekbawi this is the place where Seonbi, or classic scholars who would cross over the uphill to take the gwageo dffered prayers for passing first in the examination Jangwongeupjegil Jangwongeupjegil, some part of the old Gwageogil between Gateway No. 2 and Gateway No. takes its name from the fact that a lot of Seonbi would take this road after doing Jangwongeupje, or winning the fist place in a state examination Crossing over the uphill with your ambitions set forth Mungyeong Saejae
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