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A valley which resembled Mureungdowon, Donghae Mureung Valley source copy vod download

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A valley which resembled Mureungdowon Donghae Mureung Valley Donghae Mureung Valley Scenic Spot No, 37 A valley which is located between Mt. Duta and Mt. Cheongok in the City of Donghae creates a magnificent view with it being in harmony with clear mountain torrents, waterfalls and fantastic rocks. Kim Hyo-won in the Choseon Dynasty named the valley "Mureung Valley" and is also called "Mureungdowon," because of a legend that Shinseons, or Taoists hermit with miraculous powers rambled in the valley. Yang Sa-eon, a master calligrapher of Choseon Dynasty left a carved stone. Besides, a slew of masters visited the valley from ancient days. The cool currents flowing down from Mt. Duta and Mt. Cheongok create cliffs and waterfalls here in the valley and display a beautiful scenery. Okryudong Haksodae Yongchu Waterfall Ssang Waterfall Feeling Mureungdowon carried in the cool waterfalls Donghae Mureung Valley
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