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Mt. Seorak's Dinosaur Ridge the unsurpassed landscape which a sea of cloud forms source copy vod download

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The unsurpassed landscape which a sea of cloud forms Mt. Seorak's Dinosaur Ridge Mt. Seollak Natural Reserve Natural Monument No. 171 A part of Sokcho, Inje, Yangyang and Goseong in Gangwon Province. Mt. Seorak, the Korea's third-highest mountain in South Korea after Mt. Halla and Mt. Jiri is a repository of natural eco-system in which a countless number of living creatures live in a vast area. Mt. Seorak's Dinosaur Ridge which commands a fine view of the beautiful landscape of the mountain and rocks especially the falls and rock peaks is boastful of the Korea's first landscape beauty of rock topography Mt. Seorak Dinosaur Ridge The Dinosaur Ridge is the flagship ridge of Mt. Seorak and it is named after the appearance of the rock peaks lined the ridge looks after the back of a dinosaur. A great deal of steam flowing from the sea meets cold air and forms clouds, which in turn forms another sea. The vicissitudinous sea of clouds mingles with the rock peaks here to show off the mysterious beauty of the world. the mysterious beauty which a sea of cloud forms Mt. Seorak Dinosaur Ridge
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