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Fragrance of home emanating from the houses of the temple, Seonam Temple, Suncheon source copy vod download

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Fragrance of home emanating from the houses of the temple Suncheon Seonam Temple Mt. Jogye situated at Suncheon City, South Jeolla Province The whole area of Mt. Jogye is famous for cozy mountain terrain, deep valleys and diverse and dense forests. The mountain was designated as the Place of Scenic Beauty in 2009 for being in harmony with the historic sites of Buddhism around the Seonam Temple. Seonam Temple Historic Site No. 507. The Chonglim, or the greatest comprehensive training temple of the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism which was founded in the Baekje Dynasty in 529. In the precincts of the Seonam Temple, there are several Important Cultural Assets its Daeungjeon and a 3-Storey Stone Pagoda, boasting of a temple with a huge historical value. The Seonam Temple is evaluated as the “temple which is the most Korean” because the lay-out and landscape of the temple go with its surrounding nature. The Seonam Temple, in particular is famous for the temple which flowers do not fall during the whole period of four seasons. The Maehwa of the templewhich blooms in the spring is designated as the Natural Monument. The Seonsam Temple, Suncheon gives an impression of our communities which live along with nature rather than a temple which subserves the absolute being. Falling in love with affection like my home-town dwelling Suncheon Seonam Temple
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