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Samcheok Daegeum Cave The golden river flows under the ground source copy vod download

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The golden river flows under the ground Samcheok Daegeum Cave Daei-ri Samcheok City Gangwon Province Here, the Korea's largest lime stone area, 10-plus caves including Daegeum Cave and Hwanseon Cave have been founded till now. Daegeum Cave was designated as a natural monument in 2006 for its unique topography and academic value. Only the monorail is available to get access to the Daegeum Cave in order to conserve its natural environment. Daegeum Cave Natural Monument No. 178 The term, Daegum is originated after a lot of glittering stalactites and as the name indicates, the cave is full of the unique and showy cave products. Daegeum Cave features the long waterways flowing along the cave. The waterways in the cave create the waterfalls or form the deep ponds. The lime stones in the water create the traces peculiar to the Daegeum Cave as the waterways flow. This daily appearances of the Daegeum Cave have been continuing till now since 2 million years ago.
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