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Jusang Jeollidae in Mt. Mudeung, the stone pillars soaring over the sky source copy vod download

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the stone pillars soaring over the sky Jusang Jeollidae in Mt. Mudeung Mt. Mudeung Gwangju City and Hwasoon-gun, South Jolla Province The highest mountain in Honam region covering South and North Jolla Provinces. Mt. Mudeung is dotted with scores of Jusang Jeollidae here and there formed by volcanic activity about 90 million years ago. Unlike to general normal Jusang Jeollidae, it is one of the world's rare topographical resources located at the summit of the mountain. Ipseokdae the Natural Monument No. 465 The representative place in several Jusang Jeolli, columnar joints in Mt. Mudeung is lined at length with dozens of stone columns, 20-plus meters tall. The stone pillars at Ipseokdae are reminiscent of an ancient temple. Ipseokdae stands with its back toward the back of Seoseokdae, there being the peak of the mountain between them. Seoseokdae the Natural Monument 465 Jusang Jeollidae which represents Mt. Mudeung along with Ipseokdae. It is also called "Byoungpoong Rock" because stone pillars 30 meters tall stand as if they are a folding screen. The stone byoungpoong, which covered around the peak of Mt. Mudeung creates mysterious landscape. A great sculpture carved by nature Jusang Jeollidae in Mt. Mudeung
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