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The 2-million-year-old mystery, Pyeongchang Baekryong Cave source copy vod download

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The 2-million-year-old mystery Pyeongchang Baekryong Cave Mitan-myon Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province Baekryong Cave is the Korea's only cave which is open to the public as an eco experience site. In order to protect the cave, artificial facilities are installed to a minimum and the number of visitors is limited as well. Baekryong Cave Natural Monument No. 260 The cave, which is 1,875 meter long and is geologically 2 million-year old has not been open to the public till quite recently. The cave is evaluated to have preserved the original form of its natural lime cave the most. The picture is taken by using low-light illumination to prevent the unique cave product created by limestone and water from being damaged by the dispersion of light. Piano-typed stalactite Egg fried-typed stalagmite It boasts the best perfect form in the stalagmites discovered in Korea. Cave Shield Cave Shield got its name because the flat upper side is similar to a shield. This is a unique shape unique which you can see only in the Baekryong Cave. Giant Square This is the highlight of Baekryong Cave in which you are able to see the diverse shapes of the cave. You are able to feel the hundreds of millions of years old time through the creations which cover Giant Square as they were. The hands of God (Stalactite) Bacon Sheet The lime materials in the water, which flow down the ceiling were piled to form the bacon shape. the ecstatic underground world which eternal time created Pyeongchang Baekryong Cave
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